Privacy focused iOS app to help you track your hikes, drives, runs, and other routes. No newsfeed, no ads, no VC funding, 100% free

End-to-end encryption

All of your data is encrypted on your device and stored encrypted on Headings servers. Encryption keys remain on your device, so only your device can decrypt your data

No passwords

Sign in using your existing Google or Facebook accounts. Your data still remains private, and because Headings doesn't require it's own password, you don't have to worry about password breaches

safe and quiet

No newsfeed. Without a stream of other people's activities, Headings allows you to explore and focus at your own pace
No ads means no distractions and complete privacy


One tap to record a path. One tap to drop a pin. One tap to add a photo to your path or pin. Mapbox integration combines OpenStreetMap data for robust maps of roads, parks, and trails


All of your data is synced and remains encrypted on Headings servers allowing you to switch devices seamlessly

Get the beta

Email: hello @ headings.app

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